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Do you wish you could communicate better with your horse? 

                     Do you wish you could have fun with your horse?

                                         Or do you just want to lie around with him?

All these things are possible with a clicker trained horse.  With clicker training, you can teach your horse all the skills he needs and have fun at the same time.  With clicker training, your horse learns faster because he is actively trying to learn what you are trying to teach him.  You are truly working together toward a common goal. 

This site is set up as an educational site to help people learn about clicker training. You will find some basic information in the CLICKER BASICS, FAQ and GETTING STARTED sections.   If you are already clicker training, then you will want to visit the articles section for more advanced topics. 



Monthly News for December 2014

 It's been a busy year here and with the change in weather (winter is definitely coming), I am taking some time to regroup and think about what we (me and the horses) all learned this year and how some of those projects can be carried over until spring. I don't have regular access to indoor riding space so in the winter months I work outside when I can and inside when I can't. I also take some time to catch up on reading and watching DVDs. 

For inside projects, I try to choose activities that can be done in small sessions. I might choose to teach some new tricks, work on cues, or clean up some behaviors that got a little sloppy or just need attention.  I find that a lot of simple husbandry behaviors can be taken to the next level.  You might ask yourself..

Can I improve my horse's haltering skills? (or bridling)
How are his hoof handling skills? 
Is he easy to worm?
Can I ground tie him? or do I want to improve his mat skills?
Does he stand square?
and so on....

In addition, it's fun to do some free shaping sessions that encourage the horse to offer behavior and think on his own. You can start by just adding a prop and seeing what he does with it, or choose a specific behaviror to teach. Horses can learn to fetch, play basketball or soccer, flip hula hoops, weave through cones, wave flags, etc... Pick something that you both think is fun and turn your "training" sessions into play sessions.

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This site now has a facebook page that is where I will post updates about what's new on the site, share what I am doing with my own horses, and post other items of interest. 

The site is named Equine Clicker Training - Katie Bartlett.  To go to it from here, you can click on the link below.




Training Tip:  When teaching a horse head down,  it is not uncommon for the horse to take a step forward as he drops his head. This is normal grazing behavior and just means it is his pattern.  I find that teaching head lowering using a stationary target placed near the front feet often minimizes this tendency to combine foot movement with lowering the head.



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