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(Stand quietly while the grown-ups are talking)


This is an Alexandra Kurland exercise that teaches the horse to stand quietly at your side with his nose forward.  It is usually free-shaped and the horse is taught that both mugging for food and throwing random behaviors do not lead to reinforcement.  It is taught as part of basic manners for a clicker trained horse.  Once the horse knows this lesson, it can be used to insert "pauses' into training to allow a moment of regrouping or to allow the handler to deal with a disruption.


This exercise is described in her book "A Step-by-Step Guide in Pictures" on page 31 and you can also see it on many of the DVD's.  Grown-ups is usually recognizable by the handler's posture with is standing quietly with your arms folded in front of you. Horses learn to recognize this position as a cue for Grown-ups. 




Equine Clicker Training