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Members of the Clicker Community


Members are listed by state.  If you would like to be listed here, please go to JOIN on the home page.  This list is for anyone who is clicker training, whether you are just dabbling, working on your own, or out teaching others. The primary goal of this list is to allow clicker trainers to connect with each other, and to help new clicker trainers find someone in their area.If you donít see someone in your area, please FAQ's me directly and Iíll see if I can help.  Please be aware that I do not know most of the people on the member lists and I do not have any way to screen people. If you want a personal recommendation, please email me directly and I can let you know if there is someone in your area with whom I have worked. 


The list is growing!  You can choose by location, or alphabetically.


To search by location:  US States are first and other international locations are at the end of the list.

(note: if this search doesn't work, please let me know and tell me what browser you are using)







Judy Ryder Duffy has also created a FRAPPR map with members of clickryder.  If you want to view that, you can go to