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Diane Stough

1689 Hwy. 441

Wilsonvillle, Al



interests: has 3 horses she just started clicker training, she is looking for local help




Kim Cassidy
interests: dressage, barefoot trimming
web site:
info updated: 7/2010


Carol Grubb

10621 E. Sundance Circle

Tucson, Arizona 85749

phone: 520-749-4026


interest: combining clicker training with natural horsemanship. She started out clicker training dogs and started clicker training horses about 9 years ago. She now has four rehab horses she is clicker training and plans to host clinics.  She is giving a clinic October 1. Contact her for more information.


Josh Hestermann


The Phoenix Zoo

455 N. Galvin Parkway

Phoenix, AZ 85008

602-273-1341 x6616

interests: I am not training any horses right now but I am working with a miniature zebu, a porcupine, two golden eagles, and two golden lion tamarins here at The Phoenix Zoo. I have used clicker training with many different animals while in my zoo career; from horses, warthogs, parrots, hawks, monkeys, and cats just to name a few.  I am interested in working more with horses and connecting up with other people who are clicking horses.

joined 3/2008

Katherine Marine

1262 W. Calle Concordia

Oro Valley, AZ 85704

interests: I have a Quarter Horse that was given to me that I am retraining using a clicker.  I have used it so far to address her fear of trailers, fear of trail riding, ground tying, clipping, and tricks for her mind to keep her busy.  I would welcome any contact from anyone in AZ that does clicker training, as I've been surrounded by people who only traditionally train.


Judy Parker

4705 N. Sanders Road

Tucson, Arizona 85743


main interest: combined driving, trail riding, and ground work. We have four Morgan mares. We try to encourage

more horse owners in all disciplines to add clicker training to their training methods. My horses and I are

grateful to Alexandra Kurland (I have her books and tapes) for teaching us how to communicate.


Leslie Pavlich

web site:
she has a new book available called "Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse."

updated 3/2008




Dolores Arste

Winter home of Zen Clicker Horsemanship (Dec - Feb)

117 Polk 152

Hatfield, AR

cell phone: 518-461-3470


interest: Morgans, Competitive Trail Riding, Barefoot trimming, shoeing using the barefoot model, combining the

skills taught by others such as John Lyons, Clinton Anderson, Susan Harris, and Mark Rashid with clicker training.

web site:,

available for: demos, private instruction, training, phone/internet help, hosts of advanced clicker clinics, lesson days

with Alexandra Kurland and Consegrity Wellness Sessions.

please note: Dolores is in New York from March - November. Please see her listing under New York for details.


Alaethea Sanders

Conway Arkansas, 72032 (by Little Rock)


Web site:

Joined 9/2008





Annette Carter

5509 Mariposa Ave

Twentynine Palms, CA

phone: 760 553-6709

interests: Training my 2 1/2 YO mustang gelding. I am a dog trainer by profession and am new to horses. She is having great fun and success using clicker training for bombproofing.

info updated: 7/1/2006

Caeli Collins

Mountain View, CA 94043



Interest - dressage

Private owner

Joined 8/2009 

Judy Ryder Duffy

Fallbrook, CA 93465

email:iceryder @ (without the spaces) or iceryder @ (without the spaces)

Interests: Icelandic horses

Available for: demos, private instruction

info updated: 7/1/2006


Peggy Hogan

Santa Barbara, California


Web site:

Interests: Clicker training for all disciplines. Includes miniature horses. My training includes a background in NH, with riding focus using Peggy Cummings “Connected Riding” techniques.

Available for: Lessons, clinics, limited phone/internet help, selling Clicker training merchandise, promoting Clicker training in fun ways including demos with mini’s.

Joined 11/28/2006


Kathy Holcomb

Jamul, CA 91935 (San Diego area)

phone: 619-669-1121

email: or


Interests: dressage, trail riding

Available for: phone/internet help; demos

She is interested in finding other San Diego and Southern California clickers to actually get together periodically.

info updated: 7/1/2006


Denny Hunt

4784 Blank Rd.

Sebastopol, CA

email: sendin4784 @ comcast . net (without the spaces)

phone: 707-829-2380

interests: gaited mules, trail riding, clicker training, ground work and improving my riding skills.  New to equines/new mule owner who wants to meet other C/T types in my local area.

joined 10/2007


Jenna Michaud-Bonyadi

Piute Springs/Caliente, CA 93518


Web site:

Interests:  I keep my three horses at home in the rural community where I live and work selling ranches and land.  Lifelong horseperson new to clicker training and excited about the possibilites with this new way of relating to my horses.

Joined 12/2009


Julie (Conway) Ross

Pasadena, California


Interests: rehabilitating horses with problems, endurance, dressage, trail


Fiona Sodini
Email: fionamsodini @ (without the spaces)

1235 Kenwal Rd.  #D
Concord, CA 94521

interests: looking for another amateur clicker trainer in her area

joined 10/2007

Michele Winegar
21144 Elder Creek Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.
Phone:  661-297-8034. 
interest:  I have a Percheron/Paint draft cross.  She was a PMU foal and is now 7 yrs. old.  She is a sweetheart.  Just discovered clicker training and am having a ball with it.  Everyone at the barn loves how she plays fetch.  I do not train.  I do take Dressage lessons.


Pat Wolff

1020 El Sur Ave

Arcadia, CA 91006

phone: 626 3596614


interest: Converting the world to rewarding the good behavior and allowing the bad behavior to extinguish.

(What is the bumper sticker way of saying this?!)  I experimented on the cat, then tried it on my new

horse - communication immediate, and I was freed of the fear of doing something irreparable!

I wish I had known if for my kids, but now they will know it for theirs.  

We have gaited horses and mules and we trail ride and pack.


David Young
Bishop, Ca and Chehalis, Wa
Interests: My goal is a sound, trusting, relationship with my horses, which is why I use Clicker Training for them. And I use my horses exclusively in the back-country, off trail, and, generally in the mountains at altitudes of 5,000 to 13,000 feet altitude. David Young is married to Leigh Shambo of Human-Equine Alliances [HEAL] for Learning, where we do Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (people learning about themselves, with the help of horses).   We find that clicker training is an important part of training our therapy horses for maximum “connectivity”. We also believe in long-distance, back country trail riding as a great way to strengthen the bond between horse and human!


phone: 360 266 0778

updated 11/2009



Janet Kindt
8065 S Interstate 25
Pueblo, Co 81004
I am a veterinary technology student but very interested in the animal behavior/training area.
joined 1/2011

Robyn Schulze

14213 N. 107th

Longmont, CO 80504

phone: 303-772-6460


interests: clicker training my own horses (a TWH and an icelandic colt)


Nancy Wenlock

4194 Horseshoe Drive

Strasburg, CO

phone (cell): 720-201-9492


interests: riding her Paso Fino mare



Elaine M. Lang

Windprint Farm

179 West Street

Goshen, CT 06756

phone: 860-491-3171


interests: hunter pacing, trails


Lisa Michael

271 Rock Landing Road; Haddam Neck, CT 06424 State


Phone: 860-478-9675

Interests: Mules & Donkeys, trail riding, driving, I own a draft mule and standard donkey and have recently started CT with them.

About Me: Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Animal Care Specialist, Volunteer for the Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:

joined 11/2008


Casey Sugarman

East Lyme, Connecticut

Phone: 617-359-7941


web site:
background: Casey learned operant conditioning as a senior veterinary biologist at The New England Aquarium and has been using it with horses since 1996.

specialties: dangerous, aggressive, medical rehab horses. She is actively seeking clients in Eastern Mass and will travel to your location. She likes to train horses and teach owners how to work with their horses on solving problems (anything from basic handling for fearful horses to rehabilitating aggressive horses). For more information, see her advertisement on in the classified section (under training) or FAQ's her. She offers group rates and clinics.

info updated: 8/2008


Mary Waldau

32 Montano Road Apt B
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Email Address:

Phone: (860) 944 - 1181

Interest:  Classical Dressage specializing in Thoroughbreds, Morgans, and Gypsy Vanners

web site: - official Horsefaire website - official Horsefaire blog - official Horsefaire facebook page - official Horsefaire painting horses facebook page

available for:  Riding Instruction, Clicker training, Biomechanics, Boarding, Training, Visits, demos, Host Clinics, Give Clinics, Private Instruction, Phone/Internet help
joined 11/2010





Beth Peterson

2066 Hazlettville Road

Dover Delaware

(302) 242-2276

Interests include participating in, and coaching, positive-reinforcement (including Clicker & Tellington/TTouch/TEAM), Animal Assisted Activities, emergency/disaster preparedness, and humane education - all while enjoying animals in general and those who share my life in particular. I'm a Certified Pet Dog Trainer & Level 2 Tellington Practitioner who offers private sessions, group classes, lectures and Therapy Dog evaluations. I have multiple dogs, cavy, a 2-year-old Chincoteague Pony, and a 7-year-old Haflinger - all trained and tested Therapy Dogs/Pet Partners or on their way towards this goal.

joined 5/2007


Dawn Willoughby
2410 Ramblewood Drive
Wilmington, DE
Phone 302-475-1684 or cell: 302-373-2020
email: or
Interest: clicker training an OTTB, pleasure riding x-country, centered riding, natural horse lifestyle, high performance trimming (in certification program)
available for: visits, demos (esp. for beginners) Dawn is also a barefoot trimmer training with the AANCP. She offers training and small seminars in hoof trimming and booting.

info updated: 7/1/2006





Kathleen Hunter

6010 Hammock Hill Avenue

Lithia, Florida

phone: 813-685-4167


Interest: English riding – to be the best rider (equestrian, horsewoman) I can be. I am partnered with Dixies Heartbeat, a red dun QH mare (b 1983) who is "green broke."  I am using C/T with her and we are both learning as we go.

info updated: 7/1/2006


Donna Hughes

21341 Horse Ranch Road

Mt. Dora, Fl

phone: 352-735-4963


interests:   Dressage, a prior 3-day eventer who loves trail riding. I also own two Pinto Warmblood stallions and breed colored sporthorses. I'm always expanding my learning with clinics, reading and lots of experiences.

Available for: horsemanship and clicker training, will have boarding in the near future, and has clicker trained horses for sale.


Marianne Lamneck

4419 Bayshore Blvd. NE

St. Petersburg, FL  33703

Phone: 727-525-4550


Interests: I have a 7 year old Arab who responds well to Clicker training.  He is very food motivated!  We also are working on Parelli.  I am interested in Clicker trainers in my area.

Joined 5/2008


Leslie and Rick Robinson

5570 SW County Road 344

Trenton, Florida  32693

phone: 352-463-2975


interests: mules

info updated: 7/1/2006




Jessica Abney

Athens, Georgia

Email: Jessica@healingmannerscom

Web site:

Interest: eventing, trail, and fears/phobias.

Available for: visits, private instruction, training, phone/ internet help.

Joined 1/2008


Meg Eades

337 Theodore Cox Circle

Canton, Ga 30114

Phone: 404-274-2704

Interest:  I have three Connemara/Welsh ponies, all permanent family members. My focus is on riding for the health of the spine, and having a mutually rewarding relationship. My aspirations are in the direction of classical dressage, but I work with all disciplines. I have been riding and training for 20 years professionally, giving lessons for 14 years, and I have been studying clicker training with Alexandra Kurland and Tanya Kiselyova for two years. I am passionate about horses and clicker training, and I truly enjoy sharing the journey, and teaching others to create powerful, positive relationships with horses, on the ground and under saddle.

Web site:

Joined 12/2009


Tatiana Kiselyova

1284 Bradley Gin Rd.

Monroe, GA

Telephone: 770-266-0724


Web site:

Interests/available for: I help people at their locations. My focus is on giving people tools to develop a deeper relationship and clear communication with their horses. With these tools and strategies, they can embark on a creative journey that is unique to each horse-and-human pair.

Updated 12/2009


Dana McDaniel
1598 Braeburn Dr
Atlanta GA 30316
phone: 404-627-5858, 404-787-3283

interests/specialty: H/J
available for: I will travel to you and your horse anywhere within 50 miles of Atlanta. Certified Riding Instructor.

Degree Equine Admin. Clicker Trainer.  Rates start $10/hr.



Kinni Peters
140 Walker Wood Dr.
Carrollton, GA 30116

phone:  404-402-7006

Interests: Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, rehabbing my rescues
I'm a private owner with aspirations of helping others who find themselves in over their heads.

Joined 3/2009




Mary Brierley

Emmett, Idaho


web site:

interest: uses clicker training on rescue horses that she resells as family family horses




Sue Bennett   

Kingman, IN

765 397-3452

Interests:  Private owner of 3 barefoot Tennessee walking horses.   Two are used primarily for trail rides (have trailer will travel) and one that isn't started yet.  I've used clicker training on all three -- fundamental exercises and some riding work.  They all love it.  Anyone else in west central IN, east central IL? 


Donna Garlock

5137 SE Ratner Rd

Berryton, KS  66409


private owner playing with her own horses


Larry Wahweotten

13157 SW Indianola RD

Augusta, Kansas  67010
phone: 316-733-5100

interests:  Use of clicker training on my personal horses at this time.  Will be doing some training in the near future, presently working with problem horses

joined 3/2008




Becky Parman   

305 N Second Street

Williamsburg, KY    40769

phone: 606-549-0648   

Interests: I have worked for a horse trainer for the last five years and after starting to clicker train my pets and having an interesting colt at our barn I became interested in trying it with horses.  I have just started with my gelding and my aunts mares.   I'd really like to be able to exchange experiences and ideas with others who are clicker training their horses.


Mary (Molly) Raper


Louisville, Kentucky

joined 3/10




Lyndsey Lewis

interests: dressage, bodywork and anything clicker related or having fun with your horse
available for: group and private riding/dressage lessons, getting started with the clicker, fun get-togethers, encouragement and support


Gloria Steiger

Buxton, Maine


interest: I have standardbreds and basenjis. Love the clicker for teaching manners and teaching how

to learn.  My mares are 25 and 2 years old. I am just a beginner clicking with horses...

web site:,

private owner


Lisa Freund
6120 Fence Post Ct.
Columbia, MD 21044

phone: 410-599-2304
Discipline:  hunters
private owner (for now)

Maripat Luntz

3800 Dug Hill Drive

Manchester, Md. 21102

phone: 410-374-8120


Interested in trail riding, dressage and hunt seat. private owner.


Pat Miller

Hagerstown, Maryland

phone: 301-582-9420


Interest (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..)): Boarding, general clicker training, available for seminars

available for: visits, demos, hosting and giving clinics, boarding, training/private instruction, and phone/internet help.





Kris Anderson

1166 New Ashford Road

Williamstown, MA 01267

phone: 413 458 9459


interests: donkeys, mules, dressage, trail riding

available for: internet chat, informal meetings, encouragement, help with getting started, anything fun and clicker related.

info updated: 7/1/2006

 Gwyneth Santagate

200 South Street

Douglas, Mass

phone: 508-476-1317


web site:,

interest: specializing in foundational and rehab teaching of all ages, breeds and disciplines

available for: visits, demos, hosting and giving clinics, boarding, training, private instruction, phone/internet help and sometimes has clicker trained horses for sale.


Mindy Trafton

29 Parker street

Rockport, Ma. 01966

My email is

Private owner: has a mini and previous dog experience

Joined: 11/2006




Nancy Harm


web site:





Margaret Andreini

730 S Ashland St




Phone: 763-381-4597

Interests: I have two Tennessee Walkers that I board in Isanti, MN.   I love clicker training, but find it a very lonely existance so would love to talk clicker/ play clicker with anyone near.  I'm just recovering from a car crash I had 3 years ago so not quite back in the 'grove' yet (my travel is limited yet).  I have Alex's tapes and books and have been to 2 clinics; would love to share what I know so far, and would love to learn more!! 

Joined 1/2009



Ina Davis

8380 Falk Ave

Northfield, Minnesota 55057

cell phone: 612-703-1669


interests: clicker training multi species. So far have worked with dogs, cats, chickens and

a friend's colt.

available for: professional dog trainer available for private in-home training, dealing with house manners and

management, Fear-based "aggression", barking, jumping up, pulling on leash, tricks, etc..


Peggy Ferdinand

E-mail address:

Shakopee, Minnesota

Phone: (cell) 952-913-3229

Interests: my main interest, discipline-wise, is dressage, but I'm just learning!! I have a 15-year-old National Show Horse who has been clicker trained since I got him a little over a year ago. Don't really have a favorite breed---when I start trying to think of favorites, I end up with long lists! <ggg>

Joined 11/2006


Pat Schwartz
Fawnwood Farm
5931 Fawn Lake Drive NE
Stacy, MN  55079

phone: (651)462-4151
I own 4 Morgans...ages 6 mo. to 23 years.  I have competed in pleasure shows
and competitive driving in the past, but now I just enjoy my horses at
home...and truly LOVE playing with the clicker is the most fun
I have had with horses in 50 years!




Christine Brewer

103 Meadowbrook CC Est

Ballwin, MO 63011


Email: mbtrustee_brewer @ sbcglobal . net (without the spaces)

Private owner: interested in dressage and trail riding

Joined 10/2007


Alyssa Harris

3032 Harris Rd.

Bonne Terre, Mo  63628


she is interested mainly in dressage and jumping, but loves many other disciplines as well. Private owner, an intermediate rider and beginning trainer.

joined 9/2007


Melissa Hicks

13240 cannon Mines Road

Cadet,  Missouri  63630

Phone: (636) 586-2647
Interest: Classical Dressage, Haute Ecole, Circus Training, Trick Training, Cutting, Reining, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Barrel Racing. New to Clicker Training. However train and deal with problem horses.

Website: None right now.
joined 3/ 2008


Janet Kester     

155 Cedar Lake Drive

Wentzville, MO 63385


Interest: trail riding, having fun playing with my 4 horses (2 Missouri fox trotters, 1 Andalusian, 1 half foxtrotter, half Andalusian)

Since I first tried clicker training years ago, I have been a firm believer and am always surprised at how resistant horse people are to trying it. I am very interested in learning and doing more.

Joined 7/ 2009


Sandy Vaccaro

10219 St. Arthur Ln

St. Ann, MO

Phone: 314-667-9838


Interest:  Pleasure and Trail riding

Web site:

Joined 5/2008 



Kim Fasser

501 Gumwood Drive

Great Falls, Mt.

phone: (406) 727-2035


Web site:

Interests: trail riding, clicker training, learning to drive as well as simply hanging out with my 12

year old Paint mare Mischief and 2 yo mini filly, Ruffian. I homeschool my kids (3 of the 7 left to go!) And the horses are a big part of our day!

Available for: horse artwork   


Erika Phillips

4067 Moon Creek Road

Miles City, MT 59301

(406) 421-5635

 Interests: Specialty - Canine, Equine, Feline

Web site:

Available for: Visits, Demos, Host Clinic, Give Clinics, Clicker Trained horses for sale, Boarding, Training, Private instruction, Phone/internet help

Updated 1/2008