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Members List: Europe





Carola Schlanhof

Obersulz 11

A-2224 Obersulz


phone: 0043 676 3305965


interest: behavior, trick training

web site:

available for: demos, clinics, private instruction

joined 5/2008




Inge Teblick
Oude Liersebaan 389
2570 Duffel
phone (0032) (0) 473 9 456 13
Interests: NH groundwork, classical dressage, circensic dressage, animal intelligence
web site:
Available for: visits, demos, host clinics, give clinics, training. private instruction




Alex (Alexia) Sparasci

14, c Radevo, Nova Zagora, Sliven, Bulgaria


interest: private owner of rising 3 year old E. Bulgarian/Shagra Arab gelding

joined 5/2008


Maggie Høegh
Hygildvej 5
7361 Ejstrupholm
(+45) 5824 1245
available for: private owner
Interest: just enjoying my horse, would like to ride without bridle/ saddle. just bought a 3 year old Friesian gelding.=
joined 10/2007



Irene Kalk
Kärrkullantie 13
01120 Västerskog
Phone  0505945452
Interest:  Trick training & every day issues, problem solving etc. Having fun :)
I'm a private owner (and I also help friends sometimes or at least try to encourage them to clickertrain, currently I'm training one friend's shetlandpony tricks etc)
joined 6/2010


Rita Uotila
Myötätuulenmäki 8 A 17
Finland, Europe
email address:
interest:  General use, dressage, some jumping..I am in a process of training my horse, now 9yrs. Would like it if there were clinics, demos in Finland
joined 1/2011


Kirsi Kupsala Msc
Email address:
Oulu, Finland, Europe
Interest: behaviour, cognition and welfare of animals, problem solving, classical dressage, NH 

joined 10/2007



Adainville France
I'm a private owner. I C/T a mule, 2 dogs, a cat, and some more horses.
joined 9/2007

Doris Boyer
le Chalet
72 290 Ballon
0033 2 43 27 34 55
interest: everything in relation with animals, children, education, HORSES
specific: boarding
joined 12/2007

Laure Redon
Toul Gorden
Saint Nicodeme
France 22160
phone: 0033296459736
interest: Equine Behaviourist, specialising in clicker training techniques
available for: visits, demos, hosts clinics, gives clinics, training, private instruction, phone/internet help
updated 9/2009



Mary Concannon

Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland.
Phone 353-87-1370162
interests: She is a private owner who has recently started a horse with clicker training.


Laura Thorp
Email: laurathorp @ gmail . com (without the spaces)
Co. Wicklow, Ireland
phone: 00353 87 9948591
Interest: Private owner who has recently started clicker training with my horse and am loving every second of it!

joined 10/2007

Aoife Stephens

Milltown, Co. Kerry Ireland
phone:  +353979111779

Interests: groundwork, management, rescue horses Private owner training 2 horses, a 9yo 14.2 jumping pony and a 13yo 15hh rescued thoroughbred mare.

joined 10/2010


Miriam Barattoni
Vicenza, Italy
email: (please specify clicker training in the subject)
ICQ: 113787991
Interest: I practice show jumping and dressage at low levels.
Private owner


Dino Manfredi

Reggiolo, Italy


interests: show jumping (certified trainer), equine intelligence and training methods, NH




Conrad van Pruijssen
Koetsierlaan 9


The Netherlands
Email address
Phone +31 6 53450501
Web site:

Interest (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..)): NH groundwork, classical dressage, Equine Behavior
Available for: visits, demos, hosts clinics, gives clinics, training, private instruction and phone/internet help
joined 1/2008




Caroline Fransson
Stora Kilsjon
740 10 Almunge, Sweden
hone: +46 - (0)174 20710


web site:

Interests: I am a “behavior science geek” with a special interest in anthrozoology (interaction between animal and human).  Grown up with horses as my biggest passion and I love to combine clicker training with classical dressage and work with horses in liberty.

Available for: visits, demos, private instruction, give and host clinics

joined 5/2009




Marion Almonds

6, Medina Way

Friars Cliff


Dorset, BH23 4EL


phone: 01425 279346

interests: hacking, clicker training, currently taking dressage lessons
private owner 
joined 3/2008


Pat Barringer, Bedford UK.
private owner
Connemara Cross called Phoebe who I have clicker trained for just over 2 year. Have done 2 clinics in the UK with Alex.

Mrs. Pam Cherry
Arden Cottage
Scotland, UK
phone: 01387 730309
private owner: 2 horses, - 1 Welsh Cob Section D age 17yrs -1 Dutch Warmblood 4 yrs
interests:  None of my horsey friends are interested  in clicker training despite my enthusiasm ( I don't think they have the patience ) so it would be good to talk to other clicker mad trainers out there.
At the moment we are near completion of a small all weather arena and when it is finished I am looking forward to starting lateral work, WWYLM Game and first rides on my youngster. Also I have decided to introduce my old boy to single rein riding, its never to late to start lateral work!!    I do not have a personal web site but we do have a Holiday Cottage business site if you want to look at it.
joined 5/2008

Hilary Cross
15 Richmond Road
Richmond, North Yorkshire
DL10 7HF
United Kingdom
Interests : The transition from natural horsemanship techniques to classical dressage , trick training , learning from my horses who vary from Highland to lusitano via thoroughbred.
Realising how little I know , and enjoying the journey to further knowledge.
Services : I host Alex's Yorkshire clinics , and am happy to be contacted for advice, and any help I can offer.
joined 5/2008

Maxine Easey
Roselea, Main Street, Wilson, DERBY UK
phone: ))441784 107501
interest: Interest (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..)): I am a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship but my focus is on incorporating Positive Reinforcement into what is a method based primarily on negative reinforcement and positive punishment. Both Linda and Pat Parelli do advocate the use of positive incentive (treats, scratches, rest, grazing) as motivators of behaviour but this is usually preceded by some form of negative reinforcement. 
I used clicker before I got into natural horsemanship and I have been following the Parelli path for some years incorporating clicker into it as an accelerator simply because I was not getting the results I wanted from clicker alone. It was great for teaching tricks and for having a horse offer behaviours - and mine still does - but it wasn't helping me solve many problems of ground handling or riding. I am specifically studying how to use PR now to see if I can turn that around, now I understand more about NR to achieve the same results. This is because I have come to the somewhat depressing conclusion that most of my cues are poisoned - I achieve a response to a light and apparently non-aversive cue not because the horse desires the PR but because he is escaping the NR / PP. I would like to see if it is possible to reverse that.
private owner
joined 12/2009 

Susan Fraser
email: Sue []
Derbyshire, England
interests:  private owner.  I have one horse, a young dutch warmblood who I have lightly backed. I only discovered clicker training earlier this year, but after a course with Becky Chapman and a clinic with Alexandra Kurland, I am hooked! I am eager to learn as much as I can and would love to talk to and meet fellow clicker trainers.
joined 7/2009

Shirley Merrin
Ilford, Essex
private owner:  have two horses a wonderful good old fashioned dark cob with four white socks called Ben, who is 17 years old.  Also a small pony called Grace who is 7 years old.
I love to hack out as often as I can, we do some basic dressage, horse watching and caring.

David Moody
York, North Yorkshire, England.
interests: I have been using clicker training for some years with dogs and have used it for the past six years both with my own horse and to help other horses and their owners.
It is such a calm polite way to build a relationship.  I am studying Alexandra Kurland's method in addition to enhance my own techniques.
available for: one one to one and group sessions.  I am also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki practitioner.  Both these therapies have been great additions to the clicker training.


Anna Nicholas
Oakdale Veterinary Surgery
8 Central Square
Stanground, Peterborough PE 2 8 RH, England, UK 
phone: 01733-349442
Have a horse sanctuary (and other animals). Discovered Clicker training  summer of 2003 and now hooked.
Trying to start my young horse, Skylark, with c/t, and all the other horses are saying ''and me!''


Suzanne Rogers (nee Berry)

14 Alexandra Rd.

Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2PE, UK

phone: 07961 996628

interests: clicker training and equine behaviorist. contact me for a scientific, yet compassionate approach to solving problems or just for improving the relationship between you and your horse.


web site:


Eileen Thomas
Splash Farm
Lea Bridge
Near Matlock
Derbyshire UK
web site later in year
clicker trainer for over 10 years also using CAT with our young Andalusian stallion who suffers with PTSD.  B.H.S.A.I., experience dressage and long distance riding.  Reiki Master/equine healing.
available for:  demos, hosting clinics, courses/daily/residential private instruction, phone and internet help.  New full size indoor arena, later in year accommodation for horse and rider.
joined 2/2010


Karen Turner

9 Fox Glen Rd.


South Yorkshire

S36 2PW

phone: 0114 2881981


interests/available for: private owner

joined 5/2008


Angela Winstanley BSc
Address: North Wales UK
Lecturer in animal care.
Interests - Application of learning theory to training animals and humans. Use of positive reinforcement techniques for rescue animals, rehabilitation, problem solving.
Available for private instruction, staff training, clinics, demos etc.