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Willy:  Willy was the first horse I spent a lot of time clicker training and he has an amazing repertoire of tricks and other behavior.  In addition, he is so much fun to work in-hand and at liberty.  Here are some of his favorite tricks. 

I got the idea for the balls on cones from Jim and Amy Logan and their llama videos. I was curious to see if Willy would try to skip to the end, as once he had learned the behavior, I only clicked for the final ball. He never did. And, he learned what I call the snowplow technique for removing balls where instead of moving his head up and down between cones, he would keep it low and just push them all in one continuous motion.

  I thought maybe he could be helpful in the barn





Anyone need a tissue?

Learning Spanish Walk

Out twirling with the girls. They love Willy

Read any good books recently? I guess Willy doesn't like this one....

One summer I taught him to lie down. It took forever to capture the behavior, but here it is.

I had to include this. This was Willy after I had him for a year. When he arrived he was very skinny and had no neck.