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Training Pictures of my cats by Katie:


I didnít always have time to get out to the barn, so in addition to practicing on my dogs, I experimented with clicker training my cats too. Cats are different. They are not interested in eating a lot at a time so I kept the sessions short. I also found that they were great at tricks involving targets. AndÖa word of advice. Never teach a cat to lie down as a first behavior.


The black cat is Sadie. She was one of two kittens abandoned in our yard. She and her sister showed up on our back porch one August morning.  They were very skittish and it took us 3 days to catch them.  When I caught them, I put them in the small bathroom downstairs and they literally climbed the walls in panic.  Luckily Sadie was very food oriented and she was easy to train and became very friendly in a short time. Her sister, Kazzy, was not interested in food and has taken much longer. She is still much more skittish around the house than Sadie.



I taught her to hop up on the stool and walk across the plank

 This is her version of a beg.



I also taught Sawdust some tricks.Sawdust was born here when a stray cat arrived and produced kittens. He was a very nondescript kitten but his personality really changed once I started clicker training him.Here he is landing from a jump and begging.