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Training Pictures of my horses by Katie:


This is a Series of Christmas Card Pictures and was one of my first clicker projects.


The first year I did it was in 2000 and I had Willy and Rosie hold signs. I had to take the picture too, so it was quite a challenge. It came out great, except for the wind.

In 2001, I did Willy's list and in 2002, I did Buster sitting with the kids.  In 2003, I taught Zan to hang up his stocking. If you want to read about training this, you can find the story in Zan's story on the front page.   In 2004, I ran out of time and Kira did a card with Red wearing his Santa hat.  In 2005, I did a little picture story of Rosie giving Willy a present.

















Rosie picks up the present and gives it to Willy

Willy puts it on the box

And then opens it...yummy, carrots