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       These are links that I have found to be useful. If you have some links that you would like to share, I would be happy to post them here. Just email me the information at Thanks.


Clicker Sites (horses) - also see "Equine clicker trainers" below:


The Clicker Center – Alexandra Kurland

Australian Clicker Connection

Canadian Clicker Centre

Click with Horses - Georgia Bruce, Australia

Clickin’ on Ranch – Karen Parker, Oregon

Equiculture - Jane Myers

Hoofs and Paws – Lisel O’Dwyer

Horseman’s Arts – Sharon Foley, Mass.

Karen Pryor’s clicker

KBR horse site

On Target Training – Shawna Karrasch

Penzance Equine Solutions - Gwyneth Browning Jones Santagate in Douglas, Mass.

Training with X-cellence – Inge Teblick, Belgium

Zen Horsemanship - Dolores Arste, New York


Clicker Training (Articles)


Clicker Training your horse (Linda Aronson) article 2682

Horses, etc..article on clicker training

Are you a modern trainer?

Clicker Training – in depth ( - Brigid Wasson writes clicker training articles for this publication - has a good section on what clicker training is, and how to get started. Look under "Training Principles."



Clicker Training Equipment and Supplies:


The clicker company – clickers, etc… – mostly dog equipment



Equine Clicker Trainers (more are listed on the members list):


Arste, Dolores: New York/Arkansas,

Cassidy, Kim: New York

Dwyer, Connie: Harpursville, NY (near Binghampton),

Denlinger, Robert:

Lacy, Amy: Monroe, Wa:

Lantz, Brenda:  Pa:

Norman, Jan: at Justin Time Farm

O’Dwyer, Lisel:

Olson Daniels, Debra:
Pavlich, Leslie:
Pearson, Linda: UK:

Sugarman, Casey, Ct:

Wasson, Brigid: California:



General Clicker Sites:


Click and treat – Gary Wilkes (dogs)

Click and reward – Jim Logan and llamas

Clicker lessons – some dog, but also general information

Clicker Train – home of the Clicker Journal



General Horse Sites (some supporting clicker training):


Anatomy in Motion – Susan Harris

Equine Research Foundation - Dr. Evelyn Hanggi

Linda Tellington-Jones TTOUCH

The Way of the Horse – Kim Walnes, Pa.


Just for Fun


Singing horses

Spirit of Horse (paintings) – Kim McElroy



Yahoo Clicker Groups (horses)






PNH clickers (Parelli)



Yahoo Clicker Groups (other or all species)


Cat clicker list

Clicker solutions


Clicker Training for People